1 August WWE RAW Results – Continued!


Backstage, Sheamus and Cesaro approach Stephanie and says they deserve a shot at the U.S. Title. Foley books a match between the two, with the winner facing Rusev for the title.

Nia Jax vs Ariel Monroe: Nia picks up the win with a Death Valley Driver-type move after a very short squash match.

Big E and Kofi vs The Club: Pretty decent back and forth match with both teams going on offence in tandem. Gallows throws Kofi off the apron and hi-5s Anderson. Big E quickly rolls up Anderson from the behind for the surprise win. After the match, the Club beat down on the New Day as expected. They return to the ring to beat down a little more on Big E.

Thoughts: A great way to portray the Club as Unstoppable and heels who like hurting people, without winning. This match definitely shapes up to be promising!

Cesaro vs Sheamus: The super cut express starts off early tonight!! Cesaro with a series of uppercuts, sending Sheamus to the outside. Cesaro follows it up with an excellent canon ball off the apron on Sheamus.  Sheamus comes back with some offense, with a series of clubby blows to the chest and a shoulder block for the near fall. Sheamus follows up a great suplex by Cesaro with a rolling Senton. Sheamus tries to hit a back breaker, but is reversed by Cesaro into a neutralizer for the win!!

Thoughts: The upper cut express is back into business!! Great to see Cesaro going off against Rusev, mostly at Summerslam!! Expect a change of title, as a title run has been long overdue for the Hitman. Great match! Sheamo was pretty athletic here!

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Slater is out to cut a promo next, along with a returning Jinder Mahal. Slater says he wants RAW to sign him. Foley comes out and says, they can have a match right now and the winner is signed to RAW. Slater tries to argue saying Foley cannot break up the ‘band’, but Mahal hits the big boot for the win!! Foley welcomes Mahal!

Thoughts: We had announced that Mahal would make his return, but this is a totally unexpected turn! I’m guessing they’re going to have Slater and Mahal go against each other. Slater deserves a decent match!


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