Addressing American Alpha’s recent injury and the tag team titles


One cannot help but notice that SmackDown Live’s tag team division received a huge boost with the inclusion of the American Alpha. They helped bring credibility to the tag division, just like their RAW counterparts, the New Day and the Club.

Their most recent injury which happens to be a storyline injury was one that we did not expect. Going by their dominance on the blue brand, we thought that they would eventually be crowned the new tag champions on SmackDown Live at the next pay per view, Backlash.

Things changed suddenly, with the Usos turning heel and attacking the American Alpha after their match in the semifinals of the tag team tournament on SmackDown Live this week. It is being said that this was the plan all along. Although the booking stumbled in the middle, they wanted the American Alpha to become the baby face tag team on SmackDown Live. The only credible tag team that would help elevate them was the Usos. Vince had been critical of their work and their injury prone nature of work. With the Usos being back to action, it is said that they would work a program against the American Alpha, similar to the role played by the Dudleyz against the New Day. Expect both the teams to go head to head at the next pay per view.

Another factor that affected the decision to injure the American Alpha was the Heath Slater factor. It is being said that the WWE is high with Slater, especially for the reaction he is getting from the crowds these days. Heath definitely played a role here too. Added to that, if you follow Rhyno’s political campaign closely, he is banking on former pro wrestling stars to come up with innovative and entertaining promos for his run in the elections from Michigan (Kurt Angle recently recorded a video with Rhyno for the same). Having Rhyno get a run with the tag titles along with Slater would help both the tag team and the WWE.

So, for now, we are going to see more heel work from the Usos (we have been waiting for them to turn heel) against the American Alpha.

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