Addressing Goldberg’s rumors of an in ring return for a match; or maybe two


Yesterday the whole internet exploded with news of Bill Goldberg being ‘close to signing a deal’ with the WWE. We had reported the same after verifying and double checking. We waited with bated breaths to listen to what Bill Goldberg had to say about the rumors in his interview with ESPN’s sportscenter.

Yes, Johnathan Coachman conducted an interview with Goldberg and asked the question we have all been waiting for an answer for. Will Goldberg ever return to the ring. Goldberg responded in a typical ‘wrestlerisque’ manner. He started off by saying that he was 49 years old and needs to discuss things with his family and would need to do some soul searching to find what it takes to return to the company. He also said that he loved doing what he does for the kids and he does not want it to blow up if the supposed return does not go as planned. He gave the fans a bit to ponder about by saying, ‘If anyone can do it, it has to be Goldberg.’

He also went on to add that he would live to have a re-match against Brock Lesnar, although he has already beaten him. He said that a match with Lesnar would require a lot of preparation to be done and also called Lesnar a super human.

Coachman quoted what Shane McMahon said before his WrestleMania match against Undertaker, when he said that he would want to perform in front of his kids once and prove that he has still got it in him. Goldberg brushed away the question with a ‘Never Say Never’. He concluded that that’s a question he has been asked for 12 years now and would want his return to be in a way that all his previous records and achievements are not wiped out because of what he does now.

On the other hand, Paul Heyman ‘warned; Goldberg on his social media account, saying that Goldberg may want to face Lesnar in the video game, but in real fights, Lesnar is the man.

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