Addressing the situation between Paige and the WWE


A lot has been said about the love and hate relationship between Paige and the WWE. She was pushed to the moon when she broke out on the main roster after a successful time with the NXT. She shocked the world after defeating AJ Lee on her debut, the night after WrestleMania. Just when things seemed perfect, she got injured.

Although she did feature on episodes of Total Divas, she was not a part of the divas revolution, especially when the WWE is pushing the women’s division as legitimate wrestling, along the lines of the matches handled by Lita and Trish Stratus. Even after she recuperated, she was not a part of the women’s wrestling plans. This is odd for someone, who was a part of the divas revolution in the first place.

Things took an ugly turn when she got into a relationship with Alberto Del Rio. We do not comment on her personal life, we hope nothing but the best for her and Del Rio. There were reports that the WWE forced her to break up with Del Rio to keep her professional career on a progressive graph. There were reports that Paige had quit the company and that she hired legal representatives to help her deal with the situation.

Dave Meltzer noted that Paige is currently in the same situation that AJ Lee was after CM Punk left the company. Although there was no heat on her, she was highly respected for her in ring work and talent. This comparison is interesting, given that CM Punk walked out on his own terms, and went publicly about the company on a tell-all podcast. Del Rio on the other hand, told the officials about his position with the company and the officials agreed to release him of his contractual obligations. Added to that, there was a special clause in his contract that allowed him to leave the company in the fall.

As of this writing, it is safe to say that Paige is still signed with the WWE and her contract extends till 2019. Her 30 day suspension period comes to an end next week, and it would be interesting to see how things unfurl.

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