Arsenal Transfer Embargo: Who should lead the Arsenal front Line


From one point of view Arsenal have been the giants in the premier league. They have been a force to reckon with and have even defeated successful clubs on their day, but from the other point of view they have failed miserably as they have only won one major trophy in the last 7 years.

The critics say that Arsenal have a habit of panicking on the occasions which demand a more collective effort form them and that’s why they have gone through a drought of titles which was ended eventually with an FA cup victory a year ago. The man always held responsible for the blunders of the north London club is their very own manager Aresne Wenger due to his wicked transfer policies.

Change of days

There was a time when the bigger teams used to stole Arsenal star players and the north London side always replaced them with some promising young talent, but that has become a thing of the past as the Arsenal management has changed its policies in last three years and have learned to keep hold of their players along with bringing in some world class imports like Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez and Granit Xahaka.

 The need of a striker

The change in transfer policies has made the North London side much stronger, but one thing has remained the same for the Aresne Wenger that is inability to sign a potent attacker. There was a time when Arsenal enjoyed the services of Robin van Persie but Arsenal has failed to replace him. Giroud was considered his next heir, but is not consistent and that is why the north London club is in the Transfer market looking for some reinforcements.

Lacazette or Icardi

Arsenal have been linked with almost every striker available for sale, but as like their history, have missed on some major targets. The two names that are in clear contention to fill the void in attacking line up of Arsenal are of Alexandre Lacazette and Mauro Icardi. Both players are two young talents willing to impress the world. Lacazette is a potent French man with a gifted approach for being the number nine while Icardi has somewhat creative approach in front of goal. The choice is finally Arsenal’s, but whoever they choose, they will be majorly benefited with a proven striker.

Rachit Sethi

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