Backstage news on the Women’s title and HHH’s status for RAW


With Bayley’s elevation to the main roster, it is being expected that she would soon be in line to face Charlotte for the Women’s title. This might be at the next pay per view, Clash of Champions on the September 25th. However, she is not expected to win the title from Charlotte, not for the time being at least.

It is being said that the WWE wants to continue the feud between Sasha Banks and Charlotte and eventually lead into Bayley being added to the title picture. Sasha Banks is currently taking time off from the WWE to heal from her nagging injuries and is expected to make a return by the end of this month.

Regarding this upcoming week’s RAW, it is being said that although Triple H is not being advertised for the event, he is expected to make an appearance to explain his actions from last week. This is said to have the initial seeds sown for Seth Rollin’s face turn and also the feud between Triple H and Seth. As of now, although Seth is expected to be in the title picture, he is not expected to win the title in the future or any time soon.

Kevin Owens will be having his first title defense against Sami Zayn at the next live event. However, he is not expected to drop the title until Finn Balor makes his return from injury. Owens is expected to be involved in a brief storyline with Chris Jericho, where he would get to work with the multi time world champion, so that he can hone his craft even more and also live up to the expectations of the main event status.

Also for this week’s RAW, Rusev is not expected to attend the week’s show as he would be in Bulgaria celebrating his second marriage ceremony. The storyline injury of Cesaro is expected to continue, along with an extension of the feud between The New Day and the Club, along with Bayley and Charlotte’s storyline being extended. Paul Heyman may appear on his client’s behalf.

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