Big Show to face Shaquille O’Neal at Wrestlemania 33


One prominent name that has been off the active TV storylines is the 7 foot giant, the Big Show. Even though he was drafted to the RAW brand as a part of the brand split recently, he has not made an appearance since the draft and was absent from Live TV for quite a while before the draft too.

He has been doing promotional work in Shanghai for the WWE. Recently, he spoke to and it appears that WWE is seriously considering the match between him and Shaq at WrestleMania 33. Few websites are reporting that the match has been confirmed, but we do not have any concrete evidence about it yet.

Talking about the match, he said that it would be one heck of a match and that both Shaq and he would give the fans a treat. This is not the first time that the Big Show is wrestling opponents outside the WWE. He wrestled Sumo Grand Champion, Akebono at WrestleMania 21 and Floyd Mayweather Jr. at WrestleMania 24.

While he lost in both of the combats, it helped the WWE attract a whole different set of fan base through the two matches. WWE could reach out to fans in Japan and the boxing world through the matches.

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Speaking about his current schedule, he says that he has had a 21 year career, most of which was with the WWE and feels he has earned the right to work a limited schedule. He also added that he was looking forward to retirement and see his family. On his current schedule, he says that it is the twilight for him and added that he loved the opportunity to do media shows, talk to fans, and tour the world. He said it would be nice to go out with nice casual wave goodbye and was very happy with the idea.

While this would definitely add a lot of eyeballs to the biggest pay per view WWE has to offer, how WWE would fit it in the current ‘dawning of new era’ phase with the superstars remains to be seen.

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