Brock Lesnar and suspension? Please!! He’s a part timer!


Yes! You’ve heard that right! The beast incarnate, Brock Lesnar is expected to have a smooth ride into Summerslam next month. For starters, he was accused of violation of the wellness policy of WWE after two successive failed drug tests following his victory against Mark Hunt.

He was found to have used estrogen blockers on the day of his fight against Mark Hunt. And the WWE seems to have a valid or a unique reason for not fining him or suspending him.

TMZ recently reported that WWE would not be fining or suspending Lesnar for his consecutive violations. It was expected that he would be handed in a suspension following the 30 day suspension of Vince’s ‘the Guy’ after a failed drug test. Many expected that Lesnar may not be able to compete at the biggest party of the summer.

A WWE representative recently stated that since Lesnar is only a part time wrestler, the current wellness policy does not apply for him. On a recent statement to Fox Sports, WWE stated that they were particular about protecting the health of full time athletes through the wellness policy and not to ensure the integrity of the sport.

This has obviously not set well with the wrestling fraternity. Owing to Brock’s clout neither of the roster has commented, though WWE made very mild references to the drug trial through Randy Orton. Expect more to continue. Roman Reigns on the other hand, was suspended for the presence of Adderall in his system. Adderall is quite a common performance enhancer, when compared to Lesnar’s current Achilles’ heel. Going by the recent statement, it seems that WWE is more interested in protecting Lesnar and help maintain depth to the roster.

Whatever the reason might be, this definitely is good news! We have been waiting to see Orton and Lesnar go at it in the squared circle. It would also be interesting to see how WWE plays the cards. Lesnar has never been pinned cleanly since his victory against Undertaker at WrestleMania. Orton on the other hand could not return to lose a big match!

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