Chris Jericho and Sin Cara have off-camera backstage scuffle


The WWE is currently in the middle of a European tour, but the most exciting action of the tour will never be seen by wrestling fans. All of the WWE superstars were taking the same bus from Leeds to Glasgow Sunday night before they prepared for the upcoming “Monday Night Raw” taping. Putting so many large individuals in one bus for nearly four hours may not have been the best idea because Sin Cara and Chris Jericho got into a brief altercation during the trip.

All of the witnesses claim that Sin Cara was making irritating noises throughout the bus ride. A few people asked Sin Cara to stop the noises during the trip, but he refused to stop. Veteran wrestler Chris Jericho eventually had enough of the nonsense, so he confronted and demanded that Sin Cara quit making the annoying noises. Sin Cara was not pleased with the demands, so he threw a wild punch in Jericho’s direction immediately after he finished speaking. The two wrestlers had a quick tussle before they were pulled apart by some of the other passengers. While nobody landed any serious punches, Chris Jericho somehow managed to bite Sin Cara’s finger during the fight.

Sin Cara is quickly building a reputation for off-air fights during his short time in the WWE. He got into a fightwith Simon Gotch at a “SmackDown” taping in Massachusetts this July. The fight occurred near the catering tables, but not much else is known about the fight. The reports were clearly true because Simon Gotch was seen with a large bruise on his eye for several weeks following the altercation. It is also believed that Sin Cara got into a backstage fight with Sheamus a few years ago.

Chris Jericho has also developed a reputation for sticking up for his coworkers away from the cameras, which does not go unnoticed by the fans. Jericho got into a minor altercation with Brock Lesnar after the SummerSlam event in August. Jericho wanted answers from Lesnar after it appeared that he intentionally injured Randy Orton during their match. The two veteran wrestlers exchanged words and got into a shoving match before they were separated.

While Chris Jericho clearly is not going to be punished for sticking up for the rest of the WWE roster, Sin Cara has already been forced to attend anger management classes. Sin Cara has had trouble getting in important matches lately, so he has to feel lucky that he was not fired over this latest incident. Sin Cara got a win in a tag team match with Rich Swann at the “Monday Night Raw” taping in Glasgow only a few hours after his fight with Chris Jericho.

If that match is any indication of the WWE’s views on the altercation, then it appears that Sin Cara’s career will not be harmed if he can stay out of trouble. If there is another off-air fight in the near future, then it is safe to assume that Sin Cara will see an end to his WWE career.

Steven Callahan

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