CM Punk says Vince McMahon is funding Dr. Chris Amman’s lawsuit against him


On Friday’s episode of inside MMA on AXS TV, CM Punk talked about a lot of topics including critics calling his MMA debut as a joke, the lawsuit against WWE, Conor’s recent comments against the WWE superstars and their reactions and other aspects.

When asked about the lawsuit against him filed by WWE’s doctor, Dr. Chris Amman, he said that Vince is probably bankrolling on his legal expenses. He feels that Vince is funding the lawsuit against Punk for Dr. Amman. For starters, CM Punk had bashed the WWE and their wellness policy during his tell all podcast with Colt Cabana. As a result, Dr. Amman filed a lawsuit against him for defamation.

Regarding his critics, he said that he does not really care about what they think and the only way to prove them wrong is by showing them what he is capable of doing in the ring. The reason his return has been delayed is due to his nagging injuries gained during his time with pro wrestling. He said the MMA staff was considerate enough to give him time to train and recover for his fight against Mickey Gall.

When asked about how Brock Lesnar reacted to his transition to the octagon, he said that Brock told him that he could reach out to him anytime for any questions, no matter how stupid the questions sound.

When asked to recent about Conor’s recent comments against the WWE and their talent and the pro wrestling world reacting outrageously to the comments, he said that he was not surprised by Conor’s comments but was shocked by the number of wrestlers who responded by Twitter. He felt that the wrestlers should have been able to realize that they were being worked. He also felt it was unnecessary that Ric Flair had to volunteer for wrestlers to fight and only ended up making the wrestlers look bad, while Conor accomplished his goal of gaining attention.

Punk is expected to make his debut in the octagon on September 10th at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland! We are definitely looking forward to the match!


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