Cody Rhodes is TNA’s latest acquisition, to make debut soon


For the past week, TNA has been promising us an epic announcement that a big former WWE superstar would be making his debut with the promotion. They had also plugged in their weekly programming show for Thursday this week and asked all of us to tune in to see who the superstar was.

It was revealed that the superstar they were talking about was Cody Rhodes. TNA went on to announced that Cody is expected to make his debut at the next pay per view from Orlando, Friday on October 2nd, aptly called Bound for Glory. It is worth mentioning that Cody’s wife, Brandi had recently announced her signing with the promotion recently.

TNA’s current leader of the locker room, the Broken Matt Hardy welcomed Cody to TNA by posting a welcome message via twitter. Brandi had also posted a message welcoming her husband to the promotion. Cody had requested for his release from the WWE a while ago and ever since has been wrestling at various independent promotions, the most recent being against Kurt Angle, which Cody ended up winning. In many recent interviews Cody has stated that he was unhappy with the way his career had been shaping up in the WWE.

When he informed his late father, Dusty Rhodes about the same, Dusty had advised him to ask for a release and go to a place where his talent would be appreciated. However, Cody never did that till Dusty was alive. After Dusty had passed away, it seems that there was nothing left for Cody in the WWE and asked for his release shortly after his father’s passing.

Cody’s half-brother, Goldust is still signed with the WWE and it seems highly unlikely that he may follow Cody, given he’s on the other side of his age and may call it a day pretty soon, unless things take a drastic change. It has been WWE’s plan for long to have both the brothers go at it in a brother vs brother match at WrestleMania, which never fell in place.

We wish Cody the best!

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