Connor McGregor claims to have received offers from the WWE and more!


FOX Sports recently posted a conversation with the current UFC Lightweight Champion, Conor McGregor who claimed that he has not only received offers from the WWE, but from other boxing promotions and Hollywood too! WWE COO has been very open his interest in signing Connor to the WWE.

Time will only tell whether we will see Connor in the squared circle anytime soon!

Sports Illustrated recently caught up with former WWE World Champion Rey Mysterio. Ever since his departure from the company, Mysterio has been with Lucha Underground. He described his position as comfortable within the company and that he would not foresee a time where he would have to leave the company.

When asked about a possible return to the WWE, he had the regular answer, ‘Never Say Never’. Although he did sound like he was more comfortable with the Lucha promotion as he claimed that they had great schedules, style and how exciting it is to work with them.

Another former WWE Superstar, Billy Gunn caught up with Sports Illustrated recently and shared his thoughts about a possible WWE return.

He said that he cannot wait to return and coach the younger talent. Talking about his coaching experience, he claimed that when Triple H hired him, he said that he cannot necessarily be a good coach because he is a great athlete and that the two are different things and are like different personalities.

Current WWE superstar and Hollywood A-lister, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has been named as one of Creativity magazine’s list of 50 most creative people of 2016.

Finn Balor was recently interviewed by the Sun and he claimed to be doing almost everything in his might to regain his fitness and be back to the squared circle in time for WrestleMania 33.

He added that this was his first bit of time off in 10 years and that he has been trying to look the positive side of things.

He said that he has been a regular at the WWE performance center in Birmingham, Alabama where one of the leading specialists in shoulder rehab are working tirelessly on his shoulder.

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