Dortmund or Tottenham | The curious case of Mario Gotze

Dortmund or Tottenham - The curious case of Mario Gotze
Dortmund or Tottenham – The curious case of Mario Gotze

July 13 2014, the Power Packed stadium of Maracana which was House Full that day and why not after all it was the World Cup Final. It was Germany and Argentina going head to head to redeem the glory of lifting the greatest trophy in the football world. Around 112 minutes were gone and then came the moment of Magic as a German sensation’s superb volley founded the corner of the net to take Germany closer to the world cup glory.

This was the highlight of a player who was touted as the next big thing in the world of football and his name was Mario Gotze. It was 2013 when everybody was talking about the three players that will be ruling the football world by 2020. The other two were Neymar who is on quest for an Olympic gold and Gareth Bale who dragged his team into the Semi Finals of the Euros and the last one Mario Gotze has lost all his strides and is thinking of moving away from Bayern to rejuvenate his career.

Though he has lost his shine but that doesn’t means no one is interested in him as there are many potential suitors who are ready to rescue him but the most probable leaders in the race are, a Club trying to rise on the European Football scene Tottenham and the home calling Dortmund. This question on everyone’s mind that which club will feature the German lad next season.

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Dortmund: A reunion

The destination that looks more likely for Mario Gotze now is his home form where he cherished in this beautiful game, Dortmund. This will be a reunion with his former club along with his so called brother and best friend Marco Reus.

He will be back in the same place to prove himself all over again with the backing of the Dortmund’s loyal fans but the big thing is that this Dortmund is not the same that Gotze left. They have evolved in the last few years and have also lost their charismatic manger in the name of Jurgen Klopp.

Tottenham: Greener Pastures

Tottenham will be a different place and different condition where Gotze can regain his lost strides under the guidance of Hard Working Mauricio Pochettino. The way Mauricio Pochettino revived the career of Erik Lamela is simply worth praising and Gotze will be also considering about that. He can have the same progress all over gain by rejuvenating his career with a rising team but the problem here is that Gotze is out of form and to move into a new place will make life tougher for him.


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