Examining the effect of the recent polls on the WWE


You might be probably scratching your head about how the presidential polls and the WWE are connected. Let us explain.

Ladies and gentleman, not only is Donald Trump the first president coming from a non-political background, but he is also the first WWE Hall of Famer to ever get to the White House. WWE has had its share of political experiences with Linda McMahon contesting twice for senate, but ended up losing on both the occasions.

Most recently, current WWE superstar, Rhyno ran for the open house as well, only to be ‘gored’ (as he would put it) by the democratic candidate from the constituency.

So, what effect did the presidential elections have on the WWE? Well, it is worth mentioning that the WWE stocks have gone up by 5% a day after the polls. WWE’s annual extravaganza, WrestleMania 5 was held at one of Trump’s casinos and the event turned out to be massive. Donald Trump has been involved in WWE storylines, the most famous being the battle of the billionaires at WrestleMania 23, where Donald Trump shaved Vince McMahon bald. Vince also ‘sold’ WWE RAW to Donald on an occasion.

WWE on their part however, did not officially congratulate Trump, nor did they release any public statement about the same. Linda McMahon however, was present at the ceremony and appeared to be in the VIP section (Her social media page carries a picture of her viewing the ceremony from a bird’s -eye view).

Although a lot of people called for Trump to be removed from the Hall of Fame in lieu of his comments against certain sections of the country, WWE maintained that they do not necessarily second his views and that they will not be taking him off the Hall of Fame.

So, why are we excited? The prospect of having Trump involved with the WWE would seem very slim now, but if anything, the only thing we have learnt from our experience over the years with the WWE is to never say never. Will we see the president of the US in a squared circle?

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