Forbes Most Valuable Sports Teams 2016


Forbes has taken out its latest edition of Most Valuable Sports Teams in the world. This list by Forbes includes 50 teams of the world and this list is completely based on the earning that the team has made in this year. This list includes 8 NBA teams, 27 NFL Teams, 7 MLB Teams and also there are 8 European Soccer clubs in this list.

Further if we break these soccer clubs we get to know that there are 5 clubs of the English Premier League namely Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. Apart from this Real Madrid and Barcelona are the two clubs from La Liga. And finally there is one German Bundesliga too called Bayern Munich.

This list of world’s most valuable teams was started by Forbes in the year of 2011 and since then this is the first time ever that a non soccer team is ruling this list. The Dallas Cowboys have stood first position in this list having their worth of $4 Billion. After this comes the soccer clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona having their worth of $3.65 Billion and $3.55 Billion respectively. The only MLB Franchise that could make it possible in the top 10 of this Forbes List is Ney York Yankees as according to Forbes the net worth of this team is $3.4 Billion. The football club Manchester United which was ruling this list in the year 2011-2012 dropped down to the rank of number 5 this year with its net worth being $3.32 Billion.

There were shocking results too in this list of Forbes as there was not even a single team of Formula One which could make into this list of Most Valuable Sports Teams. Last year the Ferrari Formula One Team was on number 32 in this list but this year it was not even included in this list. On the other hand, Stan Kroenke’s Arsenal squad has shown the best improvement this time. This team has increased its position by 13 spots from 35 in the last year to number 23 this time having the worth of $2.02 Billion.


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