Former WWE superstar Rico battling severe health issues


One of the most under rated superstars of the ruthless aggression era from a tag team standpoint is Rico. Although he started off along with Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo, his actual claim to fame was when he debuted on RAW alongside Rosie and Jamaal as a part of the three minute warning.

He later helped a lot of tag teams hone their skills and also helped build the cruiser weight and intercontinental title matches. His contract was terminated in 2006, a year after he began pursuing a singles career on SmackDown.

Former WWE Developmental manager Kenny ‘StarMaker’ Bolin announced via Facebook that the former WWE superstar has been dealing with serious health issues since January this year. He mentioned that Rico had no financial help at all and that there was no disability help. Rico apparently has not spoken to many people since January this year and that Rico desperately needs help. Rico has been diagnosed with several concussions, a collapsed lung and severe heart problems. Concussions have been haunting former WWE talent on account of the number of falls the superstars take as a part of entertaining us. Bolin insists that Rico’s illness is not caused due to drug abuse. Added to deteriorating health, it appears Rico has been through a divorce recently and it is his ex-wife, Linda who is trying her level best to take care of Rico in this difficult time.

Bolin hoped that the WWE, Vince McMahon, Stephanie or Hunter would chime in and help Rico, who had been helping others till recently. Bolin stated that he would try to start a go fund me page for Rico and would share the details soon, so that everyone who has been entertained by Rico can chime in and show their respect and admiration for all the entertainment he has provided us over the years.

We sincerely hope that Rico would recover soon and wish him the best of health and continue to pray for his speedy recovery. We also hope that the WWE would shoulder Rico in this time of need.

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