Four future superstars that were picked in the 2016 NBA Drafts


Last calendar year was a season of comeback when Cleveland Cavaliers claimed their maiden NBA title and Lebron James enriched his legacy to become an NBA champion for the third time. The build up to the next season has finally started as the teams squared off to pick players in the drafts and here we look at the players that were picked in the second round of drafts but can be the superstar of the years to come –

Georges Niang

The forward that was picked by Indiana pacers holds great potential beneath his skin which can prove him to be a smart pick for the pacers. He had a decent campaign to his name at the Iowa state where he had an average 20.5 points along with the 3.3 assists showcasing his contribution for the team and proving that he has got a lot more to offer.

Demetrius Jackson

Boston Celtics have a rich legacy in the NBA and this Point guard could be the torch bearer of this legacy in the near future. He has all the qualities that can make him a top notch superstar and will be waiting for his chance to prove his worth and changing his critics mind about him. This lad is surely a long time a long time investment for the Celtics.

Deytona Davis

The thing that truly shocked everyone was that this lad was not in the first draft and that statement is enough to explain his talents and exploits. He was probably the strongest pick in the second half and why not just look at his play, his quality and his sheer strength that makes this power forward a really powerful entity and his future looks quite promising.

Kay Felder

The 2015-2016 champions of NBA truly acted like the champions when they pick the Point guard Key Felder who may be the “key” to the incredible success of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the near future. Key felder was already brilliant in his Oklahoma days where he had an average of closer to 25 points along with almost 9 and half assist per game.

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