Is Paul Pogba really worth ₤100 million

Is Paul Pogba really worth ₤100 million
Is Paul Pogba really worth ₤100 million

Sir Alex Ferguson is labeled as the greatest manager of all time till date and was known for his master class decisions. He was one step above all his opponents but the biggest mistake of his managerial career was to let go an aspiring French man and that decision was going to haunt Manchester United for years to come. That French man is known by the name Paul Labile Pogba.

That name is on top of every other sport news Paper along with the humongous money that Manchester United is ready to pay to bring their boy back to his home. Jose Mourinho wants him desperately and same is the case with every other Red Devil fan and that has made people wonder that is this French Ace really worth the price that they are paying for him.

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Worth every penny

Seeing the performances of the French man at the Euros will surely contradict to the fact but that was a mere tournament of seven matches. Those who have followed the Serie A for last 2-3 years would surely acknowledge Paul Pogba’s capabilities. He has become the mainstay in Midfield of the Italian Champions. He first thrived under the leadership of Midfield enforcer Andrea Pirlo and when the Italian moved to the American lands he took his position in style.

100 million is a huge factor

If Juventus are ready to sell their Star then this will be a world record fee around ₤ 100 million and World Record fees have always been the taking point. Just for convenience consider the case of Gareth Bale; everybody was claiming that he will be bad singing for Real Madrid, he is not a proven entity, a one season wonder, will be a flop and the cases were many but after years of that transfer the fee has proved to be fruitful for the Real Madrid team.

Why is he so Important

You may label Paul Pogba as a signing in desperation but bringing Paul Pogba will be a huge step towards rebuilding the same old legacy. He is the player around which a great team can be built and with his best years yet to come will prove to be a future investment for the Red devils. Though he is not among the elites right now but Jose Mourinho is the perfect man to take him on that level.


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