Jamie Noble stabbed, currently hospitalized


Former WWE Cruiserweight champion and member of the J&J security, Jamie Noble’s news is really scary. Reports have been coming that Jamie has been stabbed and is currently hospitalized.

The news first came out from Pro wrestling Sheet. The news was later confirmed on Jamie Noble’s twitter account. The initial reports stated that he was out of the ER, although his current status is unknown. The report claims that Jamie was stabbed twice outside of his West Virginia trailer park home.

The wrestling website said that the incident took place after Noble returned home after a live WWE event. After returning from the event, he had gone to purchase snacks while his girlfriend stayed back in the trailer. When he returned, he was allegedly confronted by a man who claimed that Jamie had cut him off on the road. Although Jamie apologized, the argument escalated within no time and before anyone knew what was happening, Noble pinned the man down in a wrestling move. The fight continued to escalate, until two other men who were along with Noble’s attacker got out of the attacker’s car and joined the fight. One of the two men who later joined took out a knife and stabbed Jamie twice from behind. His girlfriend was taking a shower at the time of the incident, apparently.

From a wrestling career standpoint, it is good to know that the WWE is regularly in touch with the police of the area and are doing everything possible to help Jamie out. A new report published by the Wrestling News World claimed that his wrestling career is far from over and that Noble would be returning to the WWE as soon as his injuries are healed up.

The news took the whole pro wrestling community by storm. Most of the fans posted their wishes and hoped for a speedy recovery for their hero.

We at playcaper wish Jamie Noble a quick and speedy recovery. The consolation is that he is out of the ER and is currently stable. We will keep you posted if there’s any update to the story.

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