John Cena taking time off post Summerslam?


It appears that the face that runs the place of the WWE, John Cena is going to take some more time off to film his reality television series ‘Grit’ for Fox, for a new series beginning from Spring of 2017. Both sides have not yet confirmed this yet, going by the past, it is highly unlikely that either of the parties would come out officially.

The last time we saw John Cena leave was back in October 2015, where he had his open invitational U.S. Title matches against a returning Del Rio. It was a very oddly scripted match, which was surprisingly the opening match for the night. Added to this, although Cena was expected to return and face Del Rio for the title, those plans never fell into place due to his injury. There were plans of him going against Roman Reigns for the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 32, but he was injured and could not afford to compete in a whole match.

This time around, WWE seem to be sufficiently equipped with story lines and super stars to have shows without Cena. The last time he left, most of the superstars were dealing with nagging injuries and there was not much of depth in the roster. However, this time, thanks to the draft split, we can expect that they can put up much of a better show without Cena. If Cena and WWE plays their cards right, he can be expected to return to television just in time for the next big pay-per-view event, Survivor Series.

Although Vince wants Cena to go against the Undertaker in what is being billed as the Deadman’s final match, there have been conflicting reports, with most of the websites reporting that Undertaker does not want to compete anymore and feels that this is the right time to hang up his boots.

Expect a great match, to be showcased between Cena and AJ Styles at Summerslam. They produced a great match at Money in the Bank, and if the reports are true, we might eventually see Cena put Styles over.

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