Kevin Nash wants to return to the squared circle!


Yes! You heard that right! Big Daddy Diesel wants to return to the WWE! Kevin Nash was the guest on this week’s podcast of Vince Russo. On being asked if he wished to return to the WWE, Nash stated that he’d do it only in case of two scenarios. One, if the NWO stable was re-formed, or if he could play a body guard to the show-off, Dolph Ziggler.

Nash was last seen at WrestleMania, where he appeared alongside Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall in a failed attempt to help Sting get an upper hand over HHH. This was billed as the final nail in the coffin for the WWE vs WCW battle. Elaborating more about the role he has in mind for Dolph, he said that it could be something like the role he played for Shawn Michaels in 1993. The only difference being that this time around he would not need to say a word or get involved in any match, unless Ziggler faces off against bigger opponents.

He went on to add that Dolph reminded him a lot of HBK in his prime. He also added that it was time WWE turned Ziggler heel, and that would be the apt storyline for him to make his return. Ziggler started off a heel, but after his Money in the Bank cash in on the now defunct World Heavyweight title carried by Alberto Del Rio, he was so over with the crowd that WWE turned him as a babyface.

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He has been pushed to the mid card and has struggled to stay afloat with the new influx of Indy talent and NXT roster call ups. If WWE gives in to Nash’s wish, it would be a welcome change, especially with Ziggler being drafted to Smackdown Live in the recent draft. Ziggler was made the star on Smackdown for a brief period of time after Edge’s shocking retirement.

We know that Nash was a part of one of the biggest factions of WWE and is close friends with HHH! If he agrees to grant Nash’s wish, we may finally see the push we have all been waiting for with Dolph Ziggler!

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