Lita moving to a new role with the WWE!


While the WWE has often kept its past superstars either on a legends contract or to attend press conferences and autography signing sessions, the same cannot be said about the previous divas associated with the WWE. When we talk about the term diva in the WWE, the two names that come to mind are Trish Stratus and Lita.

Although Trish has maintained that she is available to return whenever the WWE needs her, she has not been associated with WWE programming for a while now. She was last seen as a part of a mixed tag team along with John Morrison and Snooki.

Lita on the other hand has been actively associated with the WWE backstage. She was last seen on screen at Wrestlemania 32, where she presented the new WWE Women’s Championship title retiring the previous Divas title. She has been a producer back stage and has also made appearances as an expert on the pre and post show analysis alongside other experts like Booker T, Daniel Bryan. It is being said now that her contract as a producer has come to an end and she has not renewed or signed a new contract as of this posting.

However, she would be a regular feature alongside Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler and Booker T as an expert on the panel for the WWE Network Kickoff pre-shows for various big pay-per-views. It is likely that the trio would be joined by Renee Young.

Just like Booker T, Lita has been on and off with the kick off shows. However with her current contract expiring, and with Booker T and Jerry being relieved of their commentary duties on RAW and SmackDown, the trio might soon be a regular with the preshow analysis. This would be an interesting mix, especially with Charlotte leading the way for the women’s division by becoming the third pick for RAW. Talk about empowerment of women!

It would be interesting to see what Lita has to say about the current roster where so many great female wrestlers are now a part of the WWE roster, or on NXT.

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