Major RAW Roster superstar return being advertised for Roadblock


Finn Balor would perfectly fit the description of the title ‘a short lived dream’. The WWE universe clamored for him to make his main event debut. No sooner did he make his debut, win his first Universal Championship, than he got injured and has not been seen since then. It is not often that you see a ‘rookie’ superstar, at least in the WWE terms, come and make an impact of this proportions.

After Survivor Series, WWE RAW will have its pay per view, called Roadblock. The event is scheduled to take place on the December 18th, which would be the final show of the year, 2016. It was taken for granted that Balor would make a comeback at the Rumble, either as a rumble participant or to challenge Kevin Owens for the title he had to relinquish due to a hard fall he had taken in one of the best matches in recent times, against Seth Rollins.

Local advertisements from Pittsburgh have proven that Balor would indeed be making an appearance at the event. Reports from Wrestlezone have confirmed the same. It might be changed at the last moment, based on whether Balor clears medical examinations and other wellness tests before he’s cleared to make his return. He has been advertised for the show with the likes of Seth Rollins, the New Day, Sami Zayn, Sasha Banks, Charlotte and a bunch of other superstars from RAW. The main event being advertised for the show is the United States Champion, Roman Reigns vs the Universal Champion, Kevin Owens. The main event, coincidentally popped out of nowhere.

As of now, it appears that the card is subject to change, but WWE would not want to advertise an injured superstar for a brand only pay per view. Not only would Balor’s return make it an interesting feud to watch against Owens, but it would also help RAW build a strong and deep roster. Please keep viewing this space for more as we will keep posting updates as and when we have concrete reports of the same.

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