Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy talk about the possibility of joining WWE


Two of the most prominent names in the pro wrestling world that have not had a homecoming to the WWE are Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy. We have been clamoring for the tag team duo to make a return to the company. The rumors have been never ending about whether these superstars would make a return, especially with TNA currently going through a lean patch, probably staring at bankruptcy in the future if proper decisions are not made.

We have a report that gives the news right from the horse’s mouth. Jeff and Matt both spoke about the possibility of returning to the WWE recently. It was not long ago that reports surfaced about the WWE and Triple H being impressed with Matt’s broken character and keen on signing him. The two brothers recently had an interview with Sports Illustrated and here’s what they had to say.

Jeff said that a WWE contract requires a lot of away time from family and that the schedule is exhausting. While he did mention that it would be nice to go back, provided it could be on a lighter schedule, on his terms, adding that it does not make sense to burn out within four to five months in the WWE. He also added that a lot depends on what happens between now and February with TNA and that he is enjoying being the TNA World champion.

Matt on the other hand, in his ‘broken’ character, started off by calling McMahon as ‘MeekMahan’. He said that he is currently enjoying his run as the broken character at Impact wrestling and was not sure whether the WWE would be able to handle his character. Even if they did, there would be a lot of creative stifle involved. He also mentioned that during their run as a tag team, they set out to be tag champions and achieved it. When they started a singles career, he always felt he was outshone by Jeff and that now he feels he is on the same books as Jeff. He ended by saying never say never in his own way.

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