Meet The Team

There are many capers in the PC family. Read on to find out more about our team!

Prince Sethi is the featured Columnist of Playcaper. Sports, Sports and Sports that’s the three things he loves the most. He names his favorite sportsmen as Virat Kohli and Messi.

Rachit Sethi is an Editor at Playcaper. He joined Playcaper after working as a freelancer online & specialises in cricket and football.

Swati Dhingra
is Author in charge at Playcaper. She has inbuilt dedication towards her work, which can also be seen in her latest up to date articles as well. She specializes in kabaddi news, hockey and cricket.

Benhail Jaideep is an Author at Playcaper. He is a graduate student pursuing masters in the US. He have been a pro wrestling and cricket enthusiast and a lover of pop culture and all things celebrity.

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