Messi vs Ronaldo? Messi is better says Suarez


Soccer cannot be complete without the never ending discussion about who the better player is between Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Adding his take to the debate, Messi’s team mate Luis Suarez believes that Messi is still the better player, even though his performances haven’t helped his national team win the big one.

For starters, ever since Messi took over the reigns as captain for Argentina, they have not won a big tournament till date, the most recent being their Copa America where Argentina was defeated by Chile in the finals.

Ronaldo on the other hand recently helped his national side, Portugal capture the European League title, while also being instrumental in Real Madrid’s wins in UEFA Champions League 2016. Al though many believe that these exploits would help Ronaldo gain the edge over the Barcelona player, Suarez does not seem to agree. Elaborating about his stance, he said that Ronaldo might have won the big ones, but there is no question for me about Messi being the better player in the world.

He also went to add that irrespective of whether he wins or does not win the prize of being the best player, he has a more devastating effect on the opposition and the overall game like no one else. He concluded by saying that though he could not win titles for Argentina, he has won many titles during his time with Barcelona and that he rightfully deserves the Ballon d’Or.

Between Messi and Ronaldo, the career count of the Ballon d’Or at 5-3 following his recent win last year. Messi scored an overall of 41 goals, and assisted 26 times in all games for Barca as they retained LaLiga and Copa Del Rey in the previous season. Ronaldo on the other hand scored the winning penalty for Madrid to help capture the Champions League and more recently led from the front for Portugal. Barcelona star Neymar added that these exploits were sufficient for Ronaldo to get the Ballon d’Or this year, but Suarez thinks otherwise.

It would be interesting to see who picks up the award this year!

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