New Day responds to ‘Black excellence’ photo criticism and more!


One of the most talked about topics in the last 24 hours has been the ‘black excellence’ picture posted by Big E on his official twitter page. There has been a lot of criticism for the picture and New Day member, Kofi Kingston ‘explained’ the motive behind the picture and what it stands for.

In case you have missed the picture we are talking about, this is the one:

New Day responds to ‘Black excellence’ photo criticism and more!
New Day responds to ‘Black excellence’ photo criticism and more!

It is a picture of the current tag team champions, the New Day, current WWE RAW Women’s champion, Sasha Banks and the current WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Rich Swann. The picture was supposed to be an empowering photo, celebrating their respective success in the WWE where white champions have traditionally outnumbered the number of champions from different races.

Regarding the picture, Kofi posted a heartwarming message on his Twitter. Talking about the picture, Kofi said that the motivation for the picture comes from a place of joy and happiness as opposed to malice, spite or gloating. He said they have a very strong sense of pride in being the Black people simultaneously holding championships in the WWE.

He added that it matters a lot because there are a few people who feel as if skin tone often hinders certain goals in life.

He claimed that this was the reason they had to acknowledge their color in this instance. He added that it is important for people of all races, especially youngsters and people of color to see that it is possible to achieve dreams and aspirations regardless of race. The group wanted to be a shining example who want to be a source of motivation for others to believe in themselves and do the same.

Kofi concluded by saying that #BlackExcellence is not meant to be divisive, but it is to show how much has transpired in the five individuals’ lives and how much progress we have made as a nation.

There has been a rumor floating around that Roman Reigns and AJ Styles would possibly be switching brands in 2017. This is just a rumor and there has been no concrete report to prove the same.

One name that has been doing the rounds on almost all the circles of professional wrestling is Cody Rhodes. He has joined an elite league of superstars who have made it big outside of the WWE.

Recently he revealed that he was the newest member of the ‘Bullet Club’, a group made famous to the WWE world by AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. In a recent interview Cody seemed mighty pleased to be able to retain the ‘buzz’ one tends to get after leaving the world’s largest professional wrestling promotion and becoming a free agent. Elaborating, he said that a lot of times when guys leave or get fired from the WWE, there is a lot of buzz associated with the wrestler, but it fades in a while.

He claimed to be really flattered that there is an upward trend in his case, to be able to build a brand and be successful without the largest professional wrestling company. Regarding a potential return, he gave the standard response in the professional wrestling world, summing it up to be a ‘never say never’.

Elaborating on his stance, he said that his dad, Dusty Rhodes was the greatest wrestler ever and if people do not know that, then it is his job to educate people. He claimed that even though people are no longer watching his dad, they can just watch him and said that he did not know of any son not standing in the presence of their father. So when it happened in his case, he lost faith in the Stardust character and left.

Matt Hardy recently grabbed headlines after he called out Bray Wyatt in Twitter and Wyatt responding to the tweet. Obviously this led to a lot of speculation about Hardy’s future with TNA. Regarding Bray’s response, he claimed that so many people claimed to be puppets of Vince and unlike the others, he is happy that Bray responded to his tweet.

He claimed to have an issue with the Wyatt family, and claimed that at some point of time, Hardy will come back and have a fight with House Wyatt and that it was inevitable and that they are on a collision course with them.

Regarding a potential return to the company after his current contract with TNA expires in February 2017, he claimed to want to help Impact Wrestling grow and reach its full potential. He claimed that Vince loved him and would love to get his hands on his broken brilliance. He claimed that in a perfect world, if he could reach an agreement on everything with Impact Wrestling, he can truly help them grow as a brand.

He also added that although McMahon was a huge monopoly and that the WWE is a great platform to be on, he refuses to be a puppet and a yes man. He claimed to not take directions and do whatever he wants to do. He ended up by saying that he was not sure whether that attitude would work in the WWE and that he cannot afford to work a full time schedule as he had to fulfil family obligations.

WWE posted a report on their official WWE website, saying that Zack Ryder was injured following the tag team turmoil match on SmackDown Live and that he suffered an injury to his left knee. Ryder was carried to the trainer’s room after the match and is currently on crutches.

The injury seems to be an injured kneecap or patella. WWE’s Dr. Chris Robinson said that they would conduct an MRI to be doubly sure about the injury and also eliminate the possibility of a cartilage damage or tendon tear.

A promo was aired on 205Live about the returning Tajiri. Tajiri noted that he would be returning to the WWE on a full time basis, sometime in 2017.

You can watch the video here:

The official cause of death of former WWE superstar Chyna was recently revealed. A new report from the Pro Wrestling Sheet claimed that the autopsy results revealed the cause of death to be drugs and alcohol. The information was revealed by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner. In recent Chyna related news, Mick Foley noted that he wants to help Chyna’s mother gain control of her daughter’s estate.

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