Paige comments on her WWE Status, and she is not leaving the WWE!


The cat is finally out of the bag. We have heard the news from Paige herself. A lot has been written about the love hate relationship with the WWE with her real life relationship with Alberto reportedly landing her into hot water. Paige took to her Twitter page to address the rumors surrounding her status with the WWE. As we have been reporting, she is not done with the WWE.

She said that she was indeed suspended for the policy violation of the WWE’s wellness policy and that she respects the policy. Contrary to reports, she was not suspended for failing a drug test, but merely due to a procedural issue. Apparently she was contacted by Aegis to get the test done, and she could not do it in time, leading to her suspension. She also thanked her fans for the love and support for her over the past weeks. She added that she is not leaving the WWE and that she looks forward to return to the ring once she is healed completely. As of this writing, it is being reported that she is scheduled to make an appearance at next week’s RAW tapings from Memphis, Tennessee. She is also reportedly being advertised for the upcoming live episodes of RAW.

It is worth mentioning that although she was present at the press conference addressed by Alberto Del Rio, she did not release any statement and made sure she was not in front of the cameras. This is definitely good news for the fans, and RAW especially. Although they have a pool of talent of women, the current storylines circle around only 4 women. Adding Paige to the mix would spice things up and also bring us matches like Paige vs Sasha Banks and Paige vs Bayley. She was the first rookie from NXT women’s division to capture the title on her debut. Having her would definitely spice things up.

Her policy violation suspension ends on the 17th of this month, so we may see her back in the ring sooner than expected. As always, Dave Meltzer’s reports turned out to be false again.

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