Preview heading into Monday night RAW: What we can expect


A lot of things are unanswered heading into RAW this week, so here’s a preview of things you can expect to find answers for on the show:

  • Will that 70s segment show superstars, Ashton Kutcher and Danny Matterson are reportedly headed to RAW to confront Chris Jericho for botching their names and making fun of them. The ratings have taken a hit in the past week, with the presidential debate taking place on a Monday night last week, added to Monday Night Football. Having celebrities make appearances and cut promos has helped gain the view of the casual audience on multiple occasions. Will that happen this time as well?
  • What is next for Gallows and Anderson? After being billed as a legitimate threat to the New Day’s tag titles and having them come close to defeating the New Day for the tag titles, they were unceremoniously removed out of the tag title picture and replaced by the unlikely duo of Cesaro and Sheamus. Who will they go after next? Will they have a program with Enzo Amore and Big Cass?
  • Since we are talking about the tag team titles and the newly paired tag team of Sheamus and Cesaro, how will they fair together? Will they be able to coexist heading into their tag team match? This question gains a lot of importance in view of Daniel Bryan openly tweeting to Cesaro welcoming him to SmackDown Live after his current contract with RAW expires. Even if they do coexist together, will the WWE universe accept this unlikely team of a heel and a baby face?
  • How much of an impact will the cruiser weight division create? What’s next for T.J. Perkins? Although the cruiser weight division was launched with a lot of fanfare, there have been conflicting reports that their matches would be short and that they would not have that many high flying and breath taking moves, like the ones we were used to seeing on SmackDown. Will T.J. Perkins and Brian Kendrick continue their feud?
  • Will Rusev be able to come back stronger than ever or will this be the beginning of the end for Rusev? After being dominant as the U.S. Champion, he dropped the title to Roman Reigns to help ‘elevate’ Reigns to the main event. Also, will Rusev get another opportunity to reclaim the gold? Will he continue being the dominant force that he has been or will this be the time when he finally slows down?
  • Will Sasha Banks remain undefeated on RAW? On a recent episode of RAW, Michael Cole brought up some interesting statistics, where he pointed out that Charlotte is undefeated in title matches in pay per views and undefeated in singles or multi person bouts on pay per view. Sasha on the other hand is undefeated on RAW, but has lost her three pay per view matches. Sasha gets her rematch this week against Charlotte. Will she continue her winning streak on RAW?
  • How will Mick Foley deal with the situation between Stephanie and Triple H? Added to this, the fact that Stephanie has been treating Foley as if his role was just on paper. Will this be the week finally when we see Foley straight things out with Stephanie?
  • Will WWE do anything desperate? Ever since Edge retired, SmackDown has been treated as the B brand, while RAW has been the A brand. Off late, similar to the trend in the early 2000s, SmackDown Live is having an upper hand in terms of promos, ratings and match quality. Given that SmackDown Live is on a Tuesday Night where they do not have any other competition, while RAW competes with presidential debates and Monday night football. Will WWE do something out of the box both creatively and match wise to help RAW regain its slowly yet steadily losing ground as the A brand?
  • What’s in store for Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens? Will they have another match? With Chris Jericho causing the interference at their match at Clash of Champions, how will his role affect their match? Will he be added into the title picture?
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