Real life couple Alberto Del Rio and Paige suspended for policy violations


Today’s share of news of professional wrestling started off with reports of Mexican superstar Alberto Del Rio being suspended for 30 days for his first policy violation of WWE’s wellness policy. He joins another famous superstar, Roman Reigns on the suspension list.

This is Alberto’s first suspension after he made his return to the company after he made his return back in 2015. Alberto Del Rio might not be very pleased with the news especially with recent reports of him being unhappy with his position in the WWE. Although it was reported that he made much more money than his previous contract, it was reported that he was keen on leaving the company soon.

His real life girlfriend, Paige has also been suspended for her first policy violation of the WWE’s wellness policy and that with effect from August 18th, along with Del Rio. Paige’s situation has been subject to a lot of talk recently, with few sections of the websites referring that she was injured and a few others reporting that she was unhappy with her position just like Del Rio was. Paige is suspiciously absent in the current divas, given that she was the first call up from NXT to join the main roster and defeated AJ Lee on her debut night to become the Divas Champion.

We have not heard anything from both Del Rio and Paige regarding their suspension, and this might be another reason for them to leave the company as early as immediately after their suspension periods are over. Del Rio’s character went hay wire and he was subjected to a lower mid card level ever since the WWE decided to break up the League of Nations. HHH has always been supportive of Del Rio while Vince McMahon was never really high on Del Rio. Although initially he had a great heel turn as the Heavyweight champion of the world during his feud with Edge, after Edge’s retirement, the heavyweight title lost its value and so did Del Rio.

We hope they do not end up leaving the company.

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