Reason for Big Show’s absence on WWE television even after being drafted to RAW


One notable absentee from Monday Night RAW after the draft on July 19th has been the giant, Big Show. He was off doing promotional events for the WWE in Shangai, and although he posted pictures of himself after losing weight and regaining himself and going to the extent of saying that ‘he feels he is in the best shape of his life’ there has been no mention of Show on the show. A report recently came out stating that the old veterans or old horses as WWE puts them, Big Show and Mark Henry are not being used on television since they are getting involved in more backstage events like production.

Although both Big Show and Mark Henry have neither confirmed nor denied the image, it is worth mentioning that another superstar belonging to their time, the monster Kane is being used actively on SmackDown Live and getting enough television times. Henry and Show have often been targeted to taunts by fans asking them to retire, and they have always taken it in their stride. The only news regarding Big Show is that the match between him and Shaq is set in paper for next year’s WrestleMania. After publicly calling out Shaq, there has been no mention of Show.

Big Show was recently interviewed by Games Radar and he said that the WWE does not need him right now as they are keen on building Baron Corbin, Big Cass and Brawn Strowman and Eric Rowan.

He added that he wished he would get a chance to work Erick Rowan as he is a huge fan of Rowan and now that he has been cleared for an in ring, it is understandable. Show also went to add that as of now the only program penciled in for him is his match against NBA star Shaq at WrestleMania and he hopes to return to WWE TV programming around January to build up the match.

Show has been instrumental in helping elevating careers of superstars like John Cena, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and most recently, Roman Reigns.

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