Roman Reigns no longer ‘The Guy’?


Vince McMahon has the fancy idea of shoving down a superstar who he thinks would be the next big thing down our throats, till we accept the superstar. He did the same with Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, The Rock and John Cena.

While we eventually gave in to Vince’s idea and accepted these superstars as ‘the guy’ for the WWE, one of the recent attempts by Vince has not been able to garner the same results. Yes, it’s the big dog, Roman Reigns we are talking about.

Not even the fan favorite the people’s champ could help us change our opinion about Reigns. Ever since Reigns won the Royal Rumble, he has been literally shoved down our throat, in spite of us not agreeing. This seems to have come to a standstill with Reigns recent doping test fail and suspension for 30 days. While we expected him to come back and find his place back into the title picture, Seth was being promoted as the guy on RAW. Added to that, Reigns is not in the title picture for Summerslam’s main event. So, does this mean that this is the end for the push of Roman Reigns?

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John Cena had a similar reaction initially, but he has his own fan base who support him. With Roman Reigns, it’s all boos. After Reigns recent drug violation, WWE seem to feel that it was time that they stop shoving Reigns down our throats. In his place, Finn Balor is being pushed as the main guy. Whether that is true or not, remains to be seen in the coming days.

As of now, it appears to be that Reigns’ push is done for the year at least, or they have plans for him to turn heel! Most of the fans have been asking for it! The Rock started off as a heel, so did John Cena. WWE’s knack of repeating things is something we know of very well. Is this an attempt to turn him heel? Or has Vince realized that Reigns still needs time?

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