Ronaldo’s Absence couldn’t even Stop Portugal from claiming their victory

Ronaldo’s Absence couldn’t even Stop Portugal from claiming their victory
Ronaldo’s Absence couldn’t even Stop Portugal from claiming their victory

Euro Cup has been a great series this time. There were many close matches, some great memories were made and some great goals were scored. All these things happened in this single tournament only. But no one could ask for the better end of this tournament as this was the nail-biting finals between the two big teams that is France and Portugal.

Both of these teams performed exceptionally well throughout the tournament and that is why this was the final for which the people were eagerly waiting for.

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This final was hosted in France only and therefore the majority of the support in the ground was for France only. The match started in a great manner as there were no goals scored by any of the teams for a long time. And then something happened which the fans Portugal didn’t want to see again in their weirdest dreams as their star player Ronaldo got injured. Ronaldo on whom the people were having the most expectations left the field in only the 25th minute of the match having tears in his eyes. At that moment it felt like Portugal has slipped the too from their hands.

But football is the game of passion and everything is uncertain here. The replacement of Ronaldo that is Eder scored the only goal of the match and that too in the extended time of the match in the 109th minute and hence making the people of Portugal super happy. This was a very good goal scored by Eder and with this excellent goal Portugal won their first ever European Title. With this, the team of Portugal proved that they can win any big title of this world. This goal left Ronaldo in tears again along with the millions of supporters of Portugal.

With this, there was an end to this great tournament called Euro Cup having Portugal as the title winner of this big cup beating France with a score of 1-0 in the finals.

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