Rugby men’s Sevens finals: Fiji earns their first ever Olympic medal


It was a historic night for the team from Fiji as they claimed their county’s first ever medal in the Olympics by thrashing the Great Britain team in a commanding manner with an emphatic score line of 43-7.

Fiji was clearly the team to beat at Rio this year with the introduction of Rugby sevens in Olympics after a long wait of 92 years and their shot at gold medal become very clear after they disposed off their strongest rivals New Zealand in the quarterfinals. This was a night that the whole country will never forget as because this was the first ever Olympic medal for the country and that too is a gold one.

From Rags to Riches

The story of team from Fiji is quite inspirational as they are hailed form a country comprising of 300 islands in the Pacific with a population of 900,000. The team majorly contains the players, who used to work in different professions but started rugby and reached the very top of the mountain with their sheer dedication and hard work. They have now become the national heroes for their country. Unlike other countries the team from Fiji isn’t blessed with the best resources as they used to play with sand-filled plastic bottles in place of the rugby balls and they even had to practice on bare grounds and beaches rather than on pitches.

 Ben Ryan “wicked” ways worked

If one man should be held responsible for the recent incredible success of Fiji on the international Rugby circuit, then the name of Ben Ryan would be on top. The former English coach since joining the team in 2013 has made Fiji’s Rugby men’s Sevens team a force to reckon with in the international Rugby Circuit. His storming sessions along with keeping tab on all of his player’s meal and activities was labeled as controversial but he has been the sole reason why the team from Fiji was standing on top of the podium.

The Grass still greener for Great Britain

Even though Great Britain was thrashed by the Fiji team but a silver medal will also be a great achievement for the team that was assembled few months ago. There were teams that looked clear favorites for the title but Great Britain defied all odds to reach the final and claim a silver medal.

Rachit Sethi

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