Ryback confirms that he is interested in pursuing MMA


Earlier this week, there were reports surfacing online that former WWE superstar, Ryback has expressed interest in transitioning to MMA and that he was already in talks with the MMA Bellator promotion in recent weeks. Ryback, who recently changed his name to ‘The Big Guy’ after parting ways with the WWE recently revealed in a radio interview for the CBS affiliate, 107.5, Las Vegas on Monday.

Following the revealing by Ryback, Dave Meltzer had the latest scoop about the interest. He noted that the MMA President, Scott Coker did confirm that he had been in talks with Ryback in recent weeks. However, he also did mention that nothing is even close to being signed at this point.

Unlike his former pro wrestling partner, CM Punk it seems that it is not the passion that has made Ryback take this decision, but it is the money involved. Strikingly enough, Ryback did have several issues with CM Punk both during his time in the WWE and even after the time with WWE, especially with Punk spitting venom on Ryback through Colt Cabana’s podcast. Is this a way that the big guy feels that he’s not scared or intimidated by Punk, and that whatever Punk does, Ryback can do better? We never know and time will only tell.

Ryback had been officially released from his pro wrestling contract with the WWE in August and has appeared at many independent wrestling events since. He has also maintained that he wanted to start his own online shopping store. He has been open to bookings for wrestling events and unlike Cody Rhodes, has not had a match with any big superstar or shown any inclination of continuing with pro wrestling brand (TNA or ROH or NJPW)

Ryback has always been bulked up and he might have been inspired by what the other bulked up pro wrestlers have accomplished in the octagon, like Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley. We will keep you posted when we have an update on this. Do let us know what you think about Ryback’s recent decision in the comments section.

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