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It appears that Ryback is done with the WWE and there is no intention from either sides to come to a common understanding. Ryback seems to have taken a leaf out of WWE’s book, by posting a message where he cut a tongue in cheek promo.

Typically, WWE wishes anyone who is terminated with a thank you and wishing them in all of their future endeavors.

For starters, Ryback has not been seen around for a while with the WWE now.  The reason being given is that he and the company agreed to disagree about how he was being used. After CM Punk left the company, he said that he could be the next guy that WWE was looking for. He took to social media again after Daniel Bryan was forced into retirement and reiterated the same thing. However, the WWE did not pay much attention and had him continue his time in the lower and the upper mid card levels.

He started off as a competitor on WWE’s Tough Enough program back in the early 2000’s and had been in the developmental wrestling since then. He made an impressive debut on the main roster as a member of the Nexus, before become the ‘Big guy’ and having his own catchphrase of ‘Feed me more’. He featured in WWE title matches, but could never win the big one. He held the Intercontinental title and feuded for the U.S. Title. He is still listed on the WWE’s roster page and they have not yet posted any news about his contract or have wished him best for his feature endeavors. He was excluded from the draft and there has been no mention about him on live TV for quite a while now.

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It seems that Ryback is going to be the first superstar-entrepreneur. He is open for independent wrestling bookings full time and has also started a clothing and supplement line, called feedmemore.com. He is also writing a motivational book.

We wish Ryback the best in all of his future endeavors! We will definitely miss ‘Feed me more’ on WWE programming.

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