Serena Williams wins the 7th Wimbledon title | All you need to know


The younger William sister ran rampant on the grass and claimed her 7th Wimbledon title enriching her legacy and equaling the legendary Steffi Graf’s record which she was chasing form the start of the year. This was a back to back title for Serena Williams and she also secured the women’s double title with her elder sister venues Williams.

How did the match go

The match form the starting minutes looked all in the grasp of Serena Williams as she dominated her German opponent with his brilliant backhand and some class apart returns. Serena troubled the fourth seed but once Kerber looked settled she put up a strong fight against the dominant Serena and brought back the game to 3-3.

The seventh game in the first set was the highlight of the match where both players showcased their character with a 21 shot rally but ultimately Serena had a last laugh by winning it 4-3. The German did Came from behind twice to deny the set to Serena but couldn’t stop Serena in the seventh game as she annihilated the 4th seed.

The second set looked even on the cards when the score was 2-2 and then kerber won the fifth game indicating the game may go for the 3rd set but the world no. 1 came into her strides as he blasted kerber away in straight three sets and it looked impossible for kerber to come back in the match and Serena finally was able to claim his 22nd grand slam title.

The grass is still greener for Serena

This was a much anticipated match as Serena looked to not only win her 22nd grand slam but also wanted to end her grand slam drought as a result of back to back losses in the previous Grand slams. She became the first woman ever to claim a Grand slam at a slender age of 34 and defeated the same opponent which took the Australian open away from her. Serena is mow just one step way form smashing the record of open era legend Steffi Graf and that too on the home soil in the US open.

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