Seth Rollins talks about his matches with John Cena and Sting


WWE’s biggest heel and perhaps the next WWE Universal champion, Seth Rollins recently spoke on The Game Mornings with Hugh Jackson and John Fricke on his recent appearance on CBS Atlanta’s 92.8. During the interview, he spoke at length about many topics, including him injuring John Cena and Sting.

He was recently called out for being an unsafe worker, by Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart as he had injured John Cena and forced Sting into retirement due the injury he received during his match with Rollins. About breaking John Cena’s nose, Rollins said that he remembered that he had crushed his nose and Cena was completely disfigured and dismembered. He added that he was shocked to see Cena make it back to Summerslam healthy as he did. As far as the aftermath of the situation was concerned, he said that he apologized profusely to Cena, that it was not intentional and an accident.

Talking about his match against Sting that forced the legend to retire, he said that it was not meant to happen and it was definitely not planned for that match to be Sting’s last. He added that Sting was an incredible dude, and one of the most humble superstars he has met in the recent times. The plan was to have Sting wrestle another match and have him call it a day after winning his last match.

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This was until he faced Seth at Night of Champions in 2015 for the WWE World Heavyweight title. He suffered a horrible neck injury and was forced to retire after the match.

He also spoke about Roman Reigns’ suspension and the aftermath. There were rumors that Roman Reigns was forced to apologize to the entire locker room for his failed drug tests. Seth vehemently denied the rumors and said that Reigns did have a talk with the locker room, but it was more of him owning his mistake and addressing the locker room as the leader of the locker room. He said there is nothing as a wrestlers’ court nowadays like previous times.

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