Status of Paul Heyman for Monday night RAW!


We had recently reported that Paul Heyman has not been signed to a new contract after his contract expired back in May. That’s the reason, there was no mention of Paul Heyman during the draft, even when his client Brock Lesnar was drafted to Monday Night Raw.

With Lesnar being advertised for tomorrow’s RAW from Atlanta Georgia, it raises questions about whether Heyman would be present beside the beast incarnate.

This is Lesnar’s first appearance in the WWE after his recent doping scandal and coming off his recent triumphant return against Mark Hunt on the UFC. It makes sense to have the beast all hyped up going into the match against Randy Orton. Well, reports have been coming in that Heyman is expected to be alongside Lesnar for tomorrow’s RAW, as he was reported to have been seen with Lesnar at the New York airport earlier today.

There has been no mention of why Heyman’s contract has not yet been renewed. Given his huge fan base and the fact that Lesnar is incomplete without Heyman by his side, it is quite surprising. Heyman seems to have requested for some time off so that he could pursue other interests and attend other events. He’s been all over the place, most recently trying to confuse us about what went into the booking of the Beast’s match against the Undertaker.

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While there has been no contract prepared or signed between both the parties yet, it is expected that Heyman would attend RAW even if he does not have a contract and it is just about time that both the parties put a deal together. Earlier, Heyman served as the advocate for CM Punk, Cesaro, and Curtis Axel when he was not advocating for Lesnar. Currently, he is the advocate only for Lesnar and isn’t being used much on TV of late.

It is expected that Heyman would help promote the feud between Orton and Lesnar, especially in the wake of recent comments by Orton about Lesnar’s drug trials on the Miz TV from last week’s SmackDown.

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