Sting still hoping for a final match against the Undertaker


In this week’s episode of WWE Network’s Legends, former WWE champion JBL sat down with WWE hall of fame and the flag bearer of WCW for most of the Monday night wars, Sting. Although Sting had announced that he is officially retiring from the squared circle at his hall of fame induction speech, he suggested that he is holding off on his neck surgery just in case the dream match comes to fruition.

Sting wrestled Seth Rollins in a match and suffered a nasty neck injury. It was later announced that he would be contemplating retirement, which the Icon confirmed at the Hall of Fame ceremony. Sting added that he was feeling normal now and added that he gets to hear many mixed messages everywhere, most of which say that if there are no side effects and if you’re feeling okay, there’s no need to go in for the surgery.

The reason Sting has delayed the surgery is, he feels that going under a knife now would mean a permanent shut down for his career in the squared circle. The Icon is right, as one needs to take into account the surgery and the rehab time too. Take Edge’s example. After his neck surgery in 2002, it took him almost two years to recuperate and get back to the squared circle. We cannot blame Sting for making the decision though. As fans, we would love to get more of the Stinger in a WWE ring, especially for a winning cause.

He called his match with Undertaker as ‘unfinished business’ and added that it is not only what he wants, but most of the fans and the pro wrestling fraternity have been clamoring for. Will this year be the year we see Sting and Undertaker go at it? With this year’s WrestleMania scheduled to be Taker’s last on account of his health, it would be a perfect way for him to bow down. Both Taker and Sting have been the corner stoned for their respective brands and have similar enigmatic personas. That’s what makes the match all the more a dream come true!

With WWE giving the fans what they want ever since the draft, will they finally give Stinger a chance to go out with a bang? Time will only tell!

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