The latest on Paige’s status with the WWE


Paige has been one of the most prominent absentees from the WWE of late. She has mostly been in the news for her relationship with Alberto Del Rio and her recent proposal to Del Rio. Ever since she got injured and was suspended for the first time, there has been speculation as to whether Paige was going to stick with the WWE or whether she would be fired.

Cut to a month later, WWE reported that they were suspending Paige again, due to a failed drug test. She claimed that she failed the drug test due to prescription pain killers. Technically speaking, the WWE doctor should also know the prescribed pain killers, since it is obvious that during surgery, anyone would be on prescription pain killers. This is what Paige claims.

However, this is not what WWE claims. It appears that she was on the use of a few non-prescribed pain killers and medication apart from what was prescribed to her. According to a report from Ringside News, WWE has not released Paige yet due to her injury, as it seems the WWE does not because she was injured while working for the WWE and suspending or firing her would not do much to the company’s image. It appears that Paige is trying her level best to get released from the company. A third suspension would result in a direct firing by the company.

WWE on their part cannot conduct a third drug test, given that she is currently on rehab time and should recover completely to have a test done again. Added to that, she was recently handed another 30 days suspension for violating the WWE’s Wellness policy.

Post her marriage, she has mentioned that she would head wherever Del Rio ends up working that may mean TNA or Ring of Honor or any other promotion. She has definitely not been a happy customer for the WWE and WWE would eventually have her contract terminated, since from the looks of it, that is what she wants. This story is based on reports online, and please take this with a pinch of salt.



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