The ride to DudleyVille continues!


Most of us WWE fans had a mark out moment when the Dudleys made their unexpected and unannounced return to full time WWE programming.

It was the unexpectedness of the return that made us mark out. They returned on August 24th at Brooklyn, New York taking out the tag champions, the New Day. However, the return was not quite what a fan would want from one of the most iconic tag team in the pro wrestling business.

The 23 time World Tag Team Champions, throughout their career, have signed a new deal with the WWE after their previous deal of a year came to an end recently. They had been drafted to RAW in the recent draft split, and it is expected that they would continue with their role of helping build younger talent and giving the youngsters an opportunity to learn from them. The other terms of the contract have not been released yet.

There had been a lot of un answered questions when they returned in August, with most of the bookies expecting to have them win the Tag titles to help the tag titles stay relevant. We expected to see more of tables, but they announced that they would not be using tables anymore in their matches.

If that was not enough, they were turned heel and have been placed in the lower mid card level on a tag team platform. Whether the new contract would help us fans get the Dudleys we want remains yet to be seen.

It would be great to see the Dudleys win the tag titles one last time, with D-Von dropping the ‘Wazzaaaa’ and the team dropping the opponent with a 3D through a table and picking up the win for the team. Both the Dudleys, Bubba Ray and D-Von are said to be very happy with their role in the WWE and plan to stick around with the WWE till the end of their careers.

It is to be noted the Bubba had a pretty successful stint as a singles competitor, while D-Von struggled to make it on the singles platform.

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