The Undertaker is walking around in crutches! Is it the end for Taker?


If there has been something synonymous with Survivor Series and WrestleMania for the past 20 plus years, it has been the Deadman, the Undertaker. Although the Undertaker had his streak broken at the hands of Brock Lesnar, he still participated in two more WrestleMania matches against Bray Wyatt and Shane McMahon.

There have been reports that the Undertaker informed everyone backstage that his match against Shane McMahon at this year’s WrestleMania would be his last and that he would not be participating in any more matches. There were reports that Vince and Taker have not been on talking terms since WrestleMania as Vince has been hell bent on having a match between John Cena and Taker at WrestleMania, and that would be Taker’s last match.

UnderTaker on the other hand, has always maintained his character even outside of the WWE. So it is obvious that whatever little news comes about Taker, it blows up the pro wrestling community. There have been recent images of Taker, where he has been spotted walking on crutches. This is the first time that Taker’s pictures have come out after his Hell in a cell match against Shane McMahon. So, does this mean that we have seen the last of Taker? Even after his match against Bray Wyatt, Taker informed everyone that he feels that there is nothing left for him to prove and that he would like to call it a day on his career. However, due to the thin roster for WrestleMania 32, WWE had to bring back Taker to wrestle on Vince’s behalf in a very badly scripted storyline.

Taker is on the other side of 50 now, and expecting him to have a full-fledged match at WrestleMania, might be too much to ask for. However, with around six months left for WrestleMania, we never know.

While the WWE or Taker have commented about the nature of his injury and the rehab time, we sincerely hope Taker would have a match against John Cena and then call it curtains on a well-established retirement and hall of fame induction.

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