Triple H vs Seth Rollins set for Royal Rumble 2017?


Triple H has been one of the most mysterious performers in the recent past. After his loss to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 32, he was pulled off WWE programming. He only returned to RAW a few weeks ago for a one-off appearance, where he screwed his protégé Seth Rollins out of the Universal title, and ‘christening’ Kevin Owens as the next ‘guy’ on RAW.

A lot of theories have been given to explain Triple H’s actions, but none seem to have a concrete explanation as to what Triple H would want to do and when we can see him back in the ring. We are still waiting for an explanation for his actions, and WWE needs to do it before the memory fades away from people’s minds.

One possible reason for Triple H’s absence has been due to stiff competition for ratings on Monday Nights, from Football and the presidential debate on one occasion. They just do not want to waste Triple H’s appearance. However, with Goldberg’s return gaining a huge ratings boost for the WWE, and the match between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar confirmed for Survivor Series, one might expect that after the attention shifts from Lesnar-Goldberg, the next big feud the WWE would want to build is Triple H vs Seth Rollins.

The next big pay per view after Survivor Series is the Royal Rumble, which returns for the first time in 20 years from Texas and WWE going all out to make this the biggest Royal Rumble pay per view of all time. Having Seth and Triple H go at it would definitely boost ratings and also increase sales. Triple H had recently indirectly posted on his social media account that he would be returning for the Royal Rumble pay per view, so it makes sense to have him build his feud against Seth Rollins.

Based on the WWE universe’s response, WWE might have the re-match at WrestleMania. But one thing is for sure, expect a lot of sparks to fly between the two, heading into the Royal Rumble.

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