Update on Nikki Bella’s impending WWE return!


Long before the divas revolution and the influx of the talents from NXT, there were two names that resonated when it came to divas wrestling. One was AJ Lee and the other was the Bella sisters, predominantly Nikki.

We cannot overlook her achievements in the ring, given that she did overtake AJ Lee’s record for the longest reigning Divas Champion on WWE television.

Nikki’s career has also seen its own share of love-hate relationships with the WWE universe, similar to her partner, John Cena. Many felt that the only reason she was being pushed was because she was in a relationship with the 15 time world heavyweight champion. She was on a high till an unexpected injury forced her to be out of action for almost a year now.

While we are not debating whether she deserved the push she got, we definitely give her credit for improving her skills and making really good moves in the ring. While there has been an expectation that she’d return to action around Summerslam, after recent medical examinations, it seems that she should be on TV by September. There is no denying that the ‘Bella’ brand is something to reckon with and they did play their part in keeping the divas revolution alive, often by portraying the ‘current divas’.

Things have definitely changed ever since her injury. Brie Bella has retired from the ring, and most of the Divas wrestling has been taken over by the four horsewomen. Besides, she was not a part of the recent draft and there was no mention of her on live TV ever since she started her rehab. While it’s good to see that she’s one of the divas before the revolution started, along with Natalya and Paige, where she would end up remains to be seen.

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How would WWE play this? As a fan, I would love to see her back on RAW, given that RAW has a stronger divas division, and also the Women’s’ title. However, with Cena on SmackDown, that move seems highly unlikely at the moment. There’s nothing we can do but wait for her to return in September and see how things play out.

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