Vince McMahon explains why the recent draft was inevitable!


The brand split has led to a wide spread mixed reaction. There have been sections of fans complaining that the previous draft was a failure and it ended up with a brand merge with RAW gaining the ultimate upper hand, while Smack Down was neglected heavily.

Then, there are the other section who feel that it had helped create bigger stars in the past, like Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin. We are entitled to have our own opinions, but as far as the WWE is concerned, there is only one opinion that matters, the boss’s opinion.

After the recent press conference for the quarterly report of earnings for the WWE, the chairman said that the WWE draft was inevitable, given the vast pool of talent created by NXT. The chairman has been showering Triple H for his phenomenal work with NXT since it replaced the previous OVW. Vince also stated that the last draft was a success, till the time they ran out of talent. That adversely affected the superstars, as they had to take on double duty and also had become injury prone. The chairman feels that the only way to exploit the ‘intellectual property’ created by NXT was to give the superstars a deserving platform to show their skills, which was not possible by having just one show.

From a business stand point, he added that the brand split opened up a lot of licensing and merchandising opportunities for the company. To facilitate better sales and improve business, the draft had to be done.

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 The chairman is spot on! WWE is definitely having the best time right now in terms of plethora of talent, all the big names in the pro wrestling business are signed with the WWE, and WWE is not repeating its mistake of over pushing certain superstars but giving the whole roster a chance. With NXT scheduled to stick around for a while, and Triple H doing such a great job in developing new superstars, we cannot blame Mr. McMahon for not getting behind his son in law and pushing for the draft!

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