Vince McMahon issues a gag order to all of his current and former wrestlers


What comes to your mind when you hear about the 2016 presidential elections? More or less, Donald Trump. He has been an enigma as far as the elections are concerned. Not only did he successfully win the Republican Party nomination, but he’s going almost head to head with Hillary Clinton, heading into the elections on 8th November.

How does this concern the WWE you may ask? For starters, Donald Trump is a WWE Hall of Famer. He was one of the handful to be inducted by Vince McMahon himself. Trump and the WWE have had a great business relationship over the years. It might seem obvious that the media houses will reach out to the WWE and their employees to weigh in about Trump and his chances at the elections.

Apparently, Vince has issued gag orders to all of his current and former employees about talking publicly about Trump. This, although Vince and Linda made a huge contribution of almost 7 billion dollars for Trump’s election funds. Vince’s order comes after former WWE diva and former Celebrity Apprentice participant, Maria Kanellis went public about Trump and blasted him.

Vince apparently did not want such thing to happen. Earlier this year, even when Trump started out his campaign, a lot of pro wrestling industry stalwarts and the general audience alike called for the expulsion of Trump from the WWE Hall of Fame as he had made derogatory comments against particular communities. Even then, the WWE released a statement that although Trump is a WWE Hall of Famer, the WWE does not agree with what he says and that they should not be accountable for what Trump says. Something on those lines, you probably get the gist.

A lot of former and current WWE superstars have been reaching out to Vince McMahon apparently seeking advice as to how best they can handle the Trump situation.  In order to maintain a good working relationship without harming any business deals, it appears Vince made the call. WWE is not going to talk about Trump!

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