Vince McMahon reportedly unhappy with the Usos


Don’t bite the hand that feeds you is an old saying. This is especially true with an organization like the WWE. Don’t believe us, ask Titus O’Neil. Even if it is not your fault, it is not recommended to make your boss unhappy. And you would definitely not want to make a person like Vince angry.

While the WWE brand split was launched with an intention of helping WWE draw in numbers and increase their ratings from a business stand point, and help superstars find their niche and establish new rivalries and have fights that we never thought we would have seen. Although this has helped RAW a bit, the same cannot be said about SmackDown Live. Look at the pool of talent that RAW has and then compare it with SmackDown.

RAW has come up with new titles and has a strong tag team division along with the soon to be added cruiserweight division.

Vince has been particularly angry with the Usos apparently. The reason being that they were drafted to the SmackDown roster to help add the much needed depth to the tag divisions, like the Dudley’s on RAW. But their recent spate of injuries have left Vince a very unhappy man. This is definitely not good news for the Usos as it has already been established that they cannot function independently. As noted on this week’s SmackDown, WWE seems to be keen on building the tag team division around the American Alpha. Although they did come out on top against all the tag teams put up against them, it did not seem convincing enough.

Had the Usos been around, which does not necessarily mean that they would have to turn heel, but their push would be even bigger and better. Something like what team ‘Too Cool’ did to the self-proclaimed world’s greatest tag team, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas back in the early 2000s when they were gaining ground slowly on SmackDown.

We would wish Jimmy Uso a speedy recovery and hope to see him back in action soon.

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