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RAW vs SmackDown brings back fond memories of our favorite video games when we were young. WWE too had the game, before they planned to merge both the rosters into one. With WWE showing no intention to re-create the famous game, this is a small attempt to ring in the nostalgia by comparing this week’s RAW and SmackDown. Here are the results:

Commentary: While Monday night RAW was always associated with the exceptional commentary team of Jim Ross and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, with the likes of Joey Styles and Jonathan Coachman. With the change of commentary position, we were expecting Michael Cole to finally be able to pull off the role of voice of the WWE. Unfortunately, SmackDown has a better announce team, with Ronallo clearly taking the win with his quirks like ‘he went down quicker than a plate of Buffalo wings’.

This added to David Otunga and JBL provided great support to the former MMA announcer turned things better for SmackDown. While Cole did a great job, it would take a while for Byron Saxton and Corey Graves to live up to the standards set by JR and ‘the King’, or they’d have to create a niche for themselves.

Managers: Although we have had enough of Stephanie on screen, the combination of her and Mick Foley was quite an enjoyable one, and unexpected not to say the least. SmackDown on the other hand, have the points on an equal level as the RAW managers. Who can forget the impact of the ‘YES!’ movement! However, it’d be interesting to see RAW’s side of things on this aspect, since Foley is a face and Steph is a heel. At the moment, it can be called a tie.

Match quality: Although SmackDown produced some great matches, this has to go to RAW. Sasha, Balor, Y2J, Owens, Zayn all had some really good moves in the ring. Added to the unpredictable near falls and pins and wins, RAW takes the cake in terms of match quality.

 Promos: This has to go to SmackDown! The promo between Orton and the Miz was pure gold! Added to that, the silent statement made by the divas! If that was not enough, Heath Slater pull off a great promo!

Continued – Part 2!

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