Why is Smack Down live a master stroke by the WWE Management


WWE management shocked its all loyal fans by announcing that the second fiddle show of WWE, Smack Down will go live form the 19th of July and will also have the drafts that will saw superstars evenly distributed over both the roosters with the brand split.

Return of the old days

The best thing that will come as an outcome of this split is that the golden days of smack down and WWE may return.  The rating has been down for the leader in the wrestling Entertainment business at a new low and the Smack Down just looks like the second tier to the Raw which has led to its reduced following among the fans. The spilt will bring back the golden day as the smack down will also have its own story line like it used to be in the past when superstars like undertaker and Edge ruled smack down.

Superstars will have more opportunities

One thing that has been a severe headache for the WWE is that it has a huge rooster of superstars which includes the likes of top notch talents like Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose that are top of the food chain in the WWE. Superstars who have limited opportunities will have a better chance like Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, all of them can rise from the other rooster. The experienced superstar like John Cena, Randy Orton and others can also be divided which will give them equal opportunities to shine along with the great young talent that WWE banks on right now.


WWE will probably introduce a separate championship for Smack Down or we can see the return of World Heavyweight championship that was reunited as WWE championship. The brand spilt will also see a Tag team championship being divided in two just like it used to be in the past as because there are quite impressive tag teams coming from the ranks. These championships will give more opportunity to the other superstars whom the fans want desperately to become champions and will be greatly healthy for the ratings. Raw will continue to be the main rooster but Smack Down will have the glory days back it has in the past which will certainly prove beneficial to WWE.

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